Solar Panels

Westmoreland-TopLine Farms is pleased to announce the completion of its solar rooftop installation as part of its commitment to sustainability.

This 500kW installation is comprised of 2,325 solar panels across 100,000 square feet of rooftop space at their Leamington, Ontario facility.
This announcement highlights a 20-year commitment to generating sustainable energy through the Ontario Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program. Westmoreland-TopLine Farms’ Leamington, Ontario location has not only been outfitted with 2,325 solar panels, but is also actively monitored to ensure peak eciency at all times. To minimize power lost in transmission, as is the case with traditional power delivery, Ontario’s FIT program enables energy collected to be distributed to the local grid, and consumed by the building itself and then homes, greenhouses and business closest to the site. The solar program, which is owned and operated by Westmoreland, will produce 770 MWh of power each year. This is equivalent to displacing 532 tons of carbon or the equivalent of planting 13,390 trees each year and shows Westmoreland’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.